Weekly Tasting classes at 7pm, Reservations required.

“My husband and I have been to a lot of wine tastings, but NEVER had such as great a time as in your class with the infused oils and balsamic. It was educational, empowering, and delicious. You need to franchise this mister! I’ll be back with my group of girls in a few weeks.”
Jyll Brockson

“What an amazing evening. What an amazing price for all you get. We loved it. thanks for making our friends birthday party unique and delicious. I’m telling all my friends about your hidden gem”
Steve Duffy

“What you do with flavors is amazing. I never thought I could flavor salads, yogurts, chicken, fish etc so easily. You opened up a whole new world. Who would have thought balsamic and olive oil could have so many flavors. The Pinot were icing on the cake!”
Bill Birmingham

“I’ve been to a lot of wine tastings, but this was the most unique experience so far. Nice job. Kevin not only knows his flavors but is a funny, down to earth artist..as much fun to listen to as to taste his concoctions”
M. Bittle.

We were blown away by the brunch Kevin had for us. We had some of the finest tasting oils, herbs and coffee we have ever had! Being there is a great experience that all should try.
Joe & Christie


Tasting Classes are held throughout the week, including our special Sunday tastings at 11:30am

Reservations required.

We serve tapas portion sizes of bread dipping, an appetizer or salad, main dish and dessert.

8-12 people gather around our cozy Tuscan table and learn how to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary meals-


Our classes are from 7pm-9pm.  Reservations required

Please call for availability and pricing. 754-222-8071


wok pic


$25.00 special offer on GROUPON & LIVING SOCIAL

In today’s world who has time to cook elaborate meals?
While you understand the importance of eating healthy meals, and you want to avoid ‘fast food’- what’s a busy person to do?
The answer is Wok Cooking!
It’s easy, healthy and delicious. No calorie counting, measuring, or culinary skills needed.
We will show you with a few seasonings, infused oils& balsamic, & fresh ingredients, how to whip up nutritious, delicious meals with very little clean up!

Class includes:
Demonstration of wok cooking . Tapas sampling of wok meals created.Seasonings, oils, rubs and other items needed for delicious wok cooking will be available for purchase.

Classes held week night at 7pm.

Call for availability. Reservations are required.754-222-8071


Wine Glass Painting and Pairing Class with infused oil,
balsamic & tapas

Wine Glass Painting and Pairing Class with infused oil, balsamic & tapas
Paint your very own wine glass to take home in this social environment,where you’ll also learn about infused flavored oils and balsamic pairings, with dips, rubs and tapas.

Classes held throughout the week at 7pm. (Days vary according to class size and schedule)
For more information & reservations, please call us 754-222-8071



A great way to start the week…Learn some new dish and cooking ideas you can use at home, work and as gifts for parties and friends!


Please call for availability and pricing. 754-222-8071



We are also available for fundraisers, tasting parties, private parties, functions, and “Girls Night Out”.

Please call for availability and pricing. 754-222-8071




Enjoy wonderful selections of infused olive oils, balsamic, dips, rubs and an intimate concert after your meal!
“AN EVENING OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER” An intimate evening of  music with  dulcimer player/ singer- singer songwriter Kevin Roth.

Music of Peter, Paul & Mary, Joni Mitchell, Original, Traditional, Jazz and more…$40.00 per ticket.
Other musical events available : jazz, & classical.  No coupons accepted.
Call to book your own girls night out, and intimate concert experience.



Our classes, themes, and menu  change weekly. We no longer post our menu as it changes according to special requests, and exciting new products and ideas that come in weekly.
It’s best to call and find out what’s up for dinner or brunch, or to request a special theme.

We love to create an event for YOU! It’s all about having fun.

Some of our most popular themes are; Vegetarian, Chicken Little, Mediterranean, Shrimp Song, Dieters Delight, Pot luck, and Party Favorites..to name a few. ( Please be sure to let us know any food allergies so we can make the evening fun for you too!)




Learn how to become an instant gourmet by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with a drizzle and a pour. This class is perfect for those who don’t want to cook, or don’t have time to cook, or wonder how to turn leftovers into makeovers!

We also show you how easy it is to DROP THOSE UNWANTED POUNDS with our special balsamic  “tricks of the trade”.

You will feel fuller, faster, and with a lot less calories!

Classes includes bread dipping, an appetizer or salad, main dish and dessert.
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. 7-9 pm. 754-222-8071

The Heart of the Gourmet
816 North Federal Highway Pompano BeachFL33062 USA 
 • (754) 222-8071